Tuesday, June 5

Ferris Wheel

"Aaarrrggh...I am the worst person ever; when will I change? Doomed I tell ya...doomed!"

Ever found yourself saying this, or at least something similar?
We get so pissed at ourselves for not getting up and doing what we should or for doing things we shouldn't be doing.
We make up our minds all the time to do something about it, yet, somehow we wind up in the exact same spot we started.
And then, some of us end up cursing ourselves and admitting how hopeless we are, some keep trying and some simply give up.
I am not going to ask you to keep trying; rather you should keep it up.
Keep eating till you become obese.
Keep drowning your system in sugar until you get diabetes.
Keep postponing exercise until you find yourself in a wheel-chair.
Keep being unapproachable until you are still a spinster at seventy.
Keep ignoring your kids until they give you a heart attack.
Keep committing that sin until you find yourself in hell with no escape.
What I am saying is if you cannot change yourself, perhaps others will see the results of your foolishness and lack of will and change themselves.