Tuesday, April 10


I hate it
I hope it is only a phase
This is something i must beat
I wonder if i am strong enough to win
I want to be free

I hate it
I hope it is only a phase
It is killing me slowly
I need a quick escape
It must not be delayed
I need space
Space to run and find my hidin place

I hate this
I hope this is only a phase
This fence of steel bars
holding me down so hard
I can see the other side
I want to be on the other side
I need to be on the other side
It is true that the grass is not always greener
But not in this case it is different
Dont ask me why
Because i cannot say
I have the keys here in my cell
I can set myself free
But I will not

I can reach for the keys but I dare not
This place is not strange
I've seen it before
Many times over
I did not create it
I found it there
It ties me down like vipers tangled at my feet

I yell but hear no sound
I run but move not an inch
I am a prisoner in my own head

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