Saturday, November 10's been such a looong time. You know how it is when you got no inspiration??? Well, it's been like that for me. Mmmmm...I smell salty buttery popcorn... Yeah right! Certainly not in this hostel. Today was NOT fun; lectures on Saturday are so not cool. I had to bear it cos it really wasn't compulsory, I'm the one who wants an Oracle certificate. Perhaps, when my laptop decides to play good host to the Oracle software, I'll enjoy it. Meanwhile, I have been enjoying some hilarious, some inspiring, and some simply amazing Naija blogs. You see, Nigeria's got so much talent but corruption, laziness, bad government, selfishness, blah blah blah, kills us. No one is disciplined. Anyway, Naija na yarns for another day. What was it I wanted to tell you again???????? Oh well, maybe next time I'll tell you... miss me :D

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