Tuesday, April 10


I hate it
I hope it is only a phase
This is something i must beat
I wonder if i am strong enough to win
I want to be free

I hate it
I hope it is only a phase
It is killing me slowly
I need a quick escape
It must not be delayed
I need space
Space to run and find my hidin place

I hate this
I hope this is only a phase
This fence of steel bars
holding me down so hard
I can see the other side
I want to be on the other side
I need to be on the other side
It is true that the grass is not always greener
But not in this case it is different
Dont ask me why
Because i cannot say
I have the keys here in my cell
I can set myself free
But I will not

I can reach for the keys but I dare not
This place is not strange
I've seen it before
Many times over
I did not create it
I found it there
It ties me down like vipers tangled at my feet

I yell but hear no sound
I run but move not an inch
I am a prisoner in my own head

Monday, April 9

You Are Home

The sun smiled at me,
I swear it did,
Felt like a dream.

Had to look again,
Just to be sure.

It still had that grin on.

I wanted a picture to keep,
But how unsure I was;
I could have been dreaming.

I got home feeling airy,
Butterflies in my tummy,
My steps more graceful,
My head up in the clouds.

Something else happened;
Later that night,
The most graceful moon
Whispered to me.

She sang me a song
Of the place I belong
You are home
You are home
Long lost child.

Monday, April 2

Hearing a Story

It makes me sad hearing a story...hearing a story from a sister in kind...
A story of despair...one that tells of her times of pain, one that tells of her journey through a life that we all must live...
Hearing her story pricks like a million needles thrown spontaneously...her story makes me realise that she went through all of it so I wouldn't have to...
There is always a story to learn from...could be yours or someone else's...

Sunday, April 1

Love So Real

This is something I wrote over a year ago. Hope you like it.

When I left home and was lost, Tricia found me. She held me so tight, she kept me so close. I hated her for she had so much love. Once, I said to her face "I hate you with all my heart". I had stabbed her with my tongue, but she did not mind. Tricia got married, time passed and I did not, I was so mad. While she was away, I burned down her house. I knew that she cried, I knew she was hurt, but she did not mind. Time passed, and I felt alone, I got mad so I drowned her child. I knew that she cried, I knew she was hurt but she did not mind. I got so miserable, I drank poison and died. In my goodbye note, I told her I hated her for she had all I wanted. I had stabbed her with my pen, or so I had thought. I did not care that she was hurt, I did not know that she cared till the day that she read her speech over my grave. She said about me "..she was such a beautiful soul, and I loved her so...". Then I realised all that I had lost. To see her again is my only wish, though there is no price I can pay to undo all the pain.

A Brief Analogy of Life

Scenario A – an examination which disallows cheating, you either know the answers or you don’t, the invigilators are watching closely to find any opportunity to pounce on you and the examiners score you with no mercy, penalizing you for your mistakes where necessary. Scenario B - an examination which allows you learn during the process, interact with others and borrow their wisdom, correct your mistakes, and warns you when you are about to make a mistake. The examiner watches you through the process so he decides how to reward or punish you accordingly after your papers come in. the life of this world is like the second scenario. Allah (God) puts us in this world to test us; He watches our every step, giving us opportunities to pass His test with every breath that we draw.